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Sunbelly Music is an independent label based in Toronto, Ontario. It's primary role is a vehicle to release Barry Muir's self produced albums. Over the past ten years, Barry has released as many albums on Sunbelly, most recently, Bakersfield recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and Toronto, Ontario. Others include In The Meantime, Gentle, The Wild and Beautiful, Salt in the Wound, This Guitar and I, Surest Comfort, California, Down to Fumes and Beba, all receiving airplay around the globe. 

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About Barry Muir

Barry Muir 2024

Music has been the driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. I got my first guitar when I was eight, joined my first band when I was twelve and have been at it ever since. I moved to Vancouver from Saskatoon when I was twenty and started playing in the local indie, original band scene right after I arrived. I ended up doing a lot of studio work that led to me joining the Payola$ led by world renowned producer, Bob Rock. Bob has produced albums for Metallica, Bon Jovi, Motley Cru and several others. Back in the day, Bob had me play bass on an artist's demos he was producing named Barney Bentall. I stayed with that band that became the Legendary Hearts who eventually signed a multi album deal with Columbia/Epic. Both Payola$ and Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts went on to win Juno awards. Both bands achieved Gold and Platinum Album status. The Payola$, Hamer On A Drum album that I played bass on went on to achieve quadruple platinum status. I then joined the Blue Shadows with Billy Cowsill, former front man for the original family band, "The Cowsills". Playing in this band was the highlight of my musical career. We were also nominated for a Juno Award and McLean's Magazine chose us as one of the best bands in the world. 

My most recent album, "Bakersfield", I feel is my strongest effort yet! Most of the songs were once again penned by myself along with my two long time writing partners, Joanne Stacey and Lucy LeBlanc. The three of us have written well over a hundred songs as a result of our bi-weekly Zoom writing sessions. I always look forward to them and we've never not completed a song then and there. The first single is "Waiting For The Sun To Rise", an inspirational song about a young man standing at the crossroads of his life not knowing what lies ahead but anxious to make the most of each and every day. 

"Bakersfield" Comes on the heals of "In The Meantime" with the single "Windowpane" that has close to 30,000 streams from Spotify radio play alone. Below is the video for Waiting For The Sun To Rise. 

Watch "There You Were" from Barry's album In The Meantime

Watch "Home In A New York Minute" From Barry's newest album, In The Meantime 

Watch "Windowpane" from In The Meantime

Some Review Highlights for Barry Muir's "Gentle"

“... magnificent ... everything we love in Pop Rock, Acoustic Guitar...a very soothing voice...”
InfoMusic Blog


“...a very enjoyable tune, amazingly sung and played...a very catchy chorus...amazingly produced... the perfect sound for the genre."

“... gorgeous new track... crisp, soul-touching...She’s a Little Wildflower is a gorgeous number with intense, crisp instrumentality...The song is a must add to your self-love playlist, and definitely to your rock and upbeat playlists too!”

“...one of his most honest recordings...He’s got the charisma of a troubadour and the skillset of the singer/songwriter...Muir’s a very talented player, and he’s letting us know that all too vividly here."

“…original...songs that explore self-awareness, optimism, breaking away from strife, and even acknowledging inescapable truths...both timeless and very refreshing…"

"majestic new single...takes the essence of its parent LP to the next level while giving us all of the trademark Barry Muir-isms that we’ve come to know and love about his music...He’s got gifts to share, and they’re on full display here.”

"A beautiful musical discovery that feels good!”



“Barry Muir has a charming voice and a powerful presence…”

“...straight from the soul…...there is a genteel presence that lasts all the way to the finale...an exceptional singer-songwriter. “

Gentle is anchored by a star single in “She’s a Little Wildflower"...this is a player whose talent is too good to be dismissed…”

“...quite an intriguing piece...what the anti-establishment soft rock genre should sound like….Barry Muir has demonstrated himself to be quite the adept poet…”

"The piano and guitar melodies sound lovely...the music really shines through on the chorus, having a fantastic main chord sequence. Barry has a brilliant singing voice, suiting the style of song well…"

Watch "She's A Little Wildflower" from Barry's album, Gentle

Watch "A Girl Like You" from Gentle

Watch "Weathered The Storm", the first single from Gentle

Watch "Better Together" from Gentle

Other projects: Down to Fumes


Beba was recorded over the summer of 2016 after Moroccan lyricist, Amine Masror sent Barry a stack of lyrics. The songs poured out effortlessly from there and this classic album was born. The album received exposure in over 90 countries around the world and can still be found on top 10 indie playlists such as https://www.numberonemusic.com/beba .

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